About Me
I started building stuff when I was a kid growing up in Georgia. My friends and I always had a treehouse or two we were working on, slowly but steadily patching them together with whatever wood and nails we could find. As I grew older I moved on to building skateboarding obstacles, furniture for my house and yard, and, really, whatever excuse I could find to build something. Through school, work and volunteering as a grownup in Colorado, I gained a big interest in gardening and waste reduction. After 5+ years of composting at home and figuring out what works, what doesn't and what's needed, I came up with the design for the Good Middens compost bin. With the help of my good friend, Josh, a carpenter with many years of experience building high-quality furniture and custom homes, we fine-tuned the design until it was worthy of sharing. 
David DelaGonzales, Owner
Why "Good Middens"
Midden is a term mostly used by garbologist to describe a site in which past societies dumped their refuse, typically kitchen refuse. Garbologist use these sites to learn about the people who inhabited the area. The word midden is also broadly used to describe any established dump site, including compost piles. While some middens might not have much thought put into their appearance, function or impact, a good midden is attractive, easy to use and benefits the environment. Plus, Good Middens kind of sounds like good riddance, so it's punny.

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